Hey ! I'm looking for an internship !


Hi, my name is marie and i’m 22 years old. As I said earlier, at the end of our scolar year we were asked to create a side project to show our skills so that, when times comes, to find an internship the agencies that we choose can see what we are able to do.

I chose to do a web app so that I can show that I don’t limit myself to one skill only. I want to learn every aspects of web design and development. And I want to keep learning as long as there is something new to learn.

With this project, I also want to show that I want to develop website or app that can help someone, that answer to a real problem such as deaf people being too often misunderstood or ignored because you can’t understand or talk back to them.

Here is my case-studyif you which to know how came to develop this project .

If you want to know more about me and what I did so far you can go on my personal website.

And finally if you have an internship for me you can drop me an email.