Our Philosophy

The main philosophy of our studio is to create individual, authentic environment for our customers by using unique styles and architecture. We support (accompany) our clients from the first to the last step, bring their vision to life and getting the result they hopefully dreamed of.

Aesthetics and ergonomics, innovations and minimalism are the qualities that we try to set up in every spaces and project that we realize. Our goal is to transform, simplify and improve the environment until "enough" comes.

For us, there are no tasks too tough. Every problem succumbs to our relentless focus!

Mark Stone

Founder of Arcitect / Lead Architect

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Golden  Ratio

Our way

“Without mathematics there is no art”

- Luca Pacioli, a contemporary of Da Vinci

Just as the Golden Section is found in the design and beauty of nature, it can also be used to achieve beauty, balance and harmony in art and design.

Phi (Φ) the Golden Section has been used by mankind for centuries in architecture, for example the Giza pyramids, the Parthenon, the Taj Mahal or Notre-Dame.

To explain it simply, a golden rectangle signifies any shape that can be wholly divided into a square and a rectangle that, when combined, establish a ratio of 1:1.61.

The Golden Ratio is still used in architecture and art today because it is believed to produce aesthetically pleasing divisions and proportions. It brings balance and heights and allow for varying shapes. Other the the Golden Rectangle other shapes like the Golden Triangle or the Logarithmic spiral. By using a combination of them architects can create a variety of shapes.

Ref: goldennumber , freshome

Our  Achievements

223 Projects Finished

223 projects archived, the trust of our clients drive us to aim to always get better, more determined, and more successful than yesterday.

13 Awards

As a growing studio, we have received few awards and acknowledgements.

12 We Operate In Countries

Opening to new countries helped us evolving and develop our vision. And development is the basis of everything.

Our  Team

Our passionate and creative team of architects and interior designers will work with you, from the formulation of your needs and aspirations through the realization of your dreams.

Our goal is to make this journey a fantastic and memorable experience for you, our customers.

Our team works from our studio in Newark, NJ but is mobile and will travel to the location of your project when needed.

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Mark Cross

Lead architect

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Elena o’Shean

Office manage

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Stan Hancock


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Kate Yu

Graphic designer

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Liz Noble

Junior architect

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Ray Damon

Lead CGI/Product designer